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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

LibreOffice Online - LibreOffice Conference 2015

The annual LibreOffice Conference took place in Aarhus, Denmark and it was hosted at Dokk1, which is a wonderful example of modern architecture in a northern European city.

Since my last post about it, LibreOffice Online has developed quite a lot.
Here are some of the most important features that we've added:

Editing - the document now has a blinking cursor and it can handle text input
Selections - the user can now select and copy text from the document

Images and shapes can be resized and moved around

We now have an advanced toolbar that enhances the editing experience.

Presentations have slides previews.

LibreOffice Online is part of Collabora ColudSuite, more information can be found at collaboraoffice.com/collabora-cloudsuite where you can also request access to a demo.

An demo that was presented at the conference:

And finally here you can find my presentation slides 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice Online will come as a collaboration between IceWarp and Collabora alongside with hundreds other devoted LibreOffice contributors. The product will be a an awesome cloud based solution which will enhance collaboration over different platforms and document formats, as LibreOffice online will be the first to offer native, full fidelity support for the Open Document Format (odf).
This new product will for sure be a top alternative for other online solutions such as Google Docs or Office 365.
In order to go online, we are going to make use of the Leaflet JavaScript library for tile rendering. Development is still in progress but you can checkout a short demo of smooth scrolling through a document.

Monday, 11 August 2014

LibreOffice SharePoint 2010/2013 connection

Good news! - part 2. As GSoC’s final deadline draws near the SharePoint 2010/2013 connection is complete. In addition to the OneDrive binding that I presented in the previous post, this new connection provides features such as checkIncheckOut and of course, file versioning.

Monday, 28 July 2014

LibreOffice OneDrive connection

Good news everyone ! The OneDrive connection in libcmis is ready. Due to this new feature users can now create and edit files in their OneDrive storage directly from LibreOffice. As soon as the SharePoint connection is ready and functional and hopefully by the time the GSoC ends, this new useful feature will be available and patched into the new version of libcmis. This means that roughly in a month's time users will be able to benefit of it.
Here is a short demo of how the binding works. It basically implies no more than opening the document from your own machine. It gives the user the security and flexibility of a cloud service, while still running locally.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Google Summer Of Code

How I got into GSoC
I learned about this super awesome opportunity for students some time ago and I kept telling myself that I should start searching for a project as soon as possible. But as the starting date drew near I hadn’t done anything and I found myself one week before the accepted organizations publishing nervous and desperate to find something.
Choosing LibreOffice
I had 2 criteria in my choosing: the project had to be written in C++ and it had to be interesting. So it happened that I came across this interesting LibreOffice proposed idea, “Connection to Microsoft’s Sharepoint and OneDrive” which combined what I was looking for and networking, one of my favorite computer related subjects.
The project
The idea was to extend libcmis (content management interoperability services), which is a library that works inside LibreOffice and allows you to work on remote files directly in LibreOffice without the need to explicitly download the file and reupload it. libcmis already has AtomPub and WebService bindings, and as for 2013’s summer it features a new Google Drive binding. Now my task is to work on the connection with OneDrive and SharePoint. I find this new feature to be of great importance as users that are constrained to work on a SharePoint repository can now choose an open source program for their office suite.
Current status
I have firstly chosen to work on the OneDrive binding as it was going to be a more “gentler” introduction into libcmis’s code. The connection is almost ready and I race to finish it as the midterm evaluation is around the corner. This feature allows users to create, edit and easily move around documents and folders in their OneDrive cloud storage. More updates will follow and hopefully, if everything goes well, a demonstration.